Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Know If You're Wasting Time

The realization of my potential has always been more paralyzing than empowering. What should I do given the knowledge that I can do anything. Even more pressing, how will I know a given course of action is correct? Options are hopelessly infinite and time is depressingly finite.

I'm still at a loss for particular answers but I've arrived at a couple of general ones, that is reference points to consider when evaluating your life. I believe you're probably wasting much of your time if you're not at least partially satisfying these. But that could be complete bullshit, so don't take my word for it. Consider them as objectively as possible. Here we go bitches...you are wasting this life of you're not

1. Getting really fucking good at something or mastering a particular craft. It literally doesn't matter what it is. Could be career related, money generating, all-consuming effort or just a side passion. Writing, martial arts, lifting, drawing, singing, sculpting, speaking. Etc. As long as there's an inherent skill which requires a tremendous amount of time/ effort it qualifies.
The reasoning here is twofold. First success/ mastery involves a process which can be then applied to anything. From the aspect of daily discipline, to overcoming obstacles, to the sheer physical/psychological output required, becoming great at something is very difficult. If you do this once, you can do it again and again. The value here is beyond obvious. Second, I believe that mastery of something is absurdly rewarding in and of itself. In addition to the fruits of whatever skill you acquire, you've acquired something which cannot be bought and achieved on a level which cannot be taken away.

2. Aggressively and Incessantly trying new things and having novel experiences. Again the rule here is general rather than particular...the type of experience is secondary to the nature of experience. Placing yourself in new situations has immense practical relevance in both a short and long-term sense. In the short sense it's simply exciting to engage new ideas, people, food etc. on a regular basis. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life. In the long term sense, this appetite for new experience is a key to happiness. How could you possibly know what you're truly passionate about except by comparison to thousands of other things that you're not. Is it even realistic to expect to discover what you truly desire out of life except by the method of trial and error?
Finally I believe this is the best, perhaps only way of becoming comfortable with failure...you have to experience it over and over again to realize its not something to be feared, rather embraced. Your affinity for success in this world will be a direct relfection of your affinity for failure.

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